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New CD - Soul of a Man

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Randy Sabien turns it up to 11. 11 CDs that is. In collaboration with Chopper Black, legendary Twin Cities engineer, Soul of a Man presents Sabien as a swinging fiddler, versatile songwriter, and benevolent bandleader.


Triple Fiddles!
Space Jams!
Rock and Roll!


The album was recorded at the McNally Smith College of Music (where Sabien is String Dept. Head) with college faculty comprising most of the rhythm section:

Drums: Steve Jennings
Guitar: Bobby Stanton
Bass: Jeff Bailey
Keyboards: Matt Buchman

Also playing on the album:

Percussion: Steve Faison
Keyboards: Matt Buchman, Dan Chouinard, Gary Gratz
Vocals: Judi Donaghy Vinar, Prudence Johnson, Pat Donohue, Shon Parker
Guitar: Chris Olson
Bass: Gary Raynor

"I'm inspired by the variety of material Bob Wills' group would play. Fiddle tunes, hot swinging instrumentals, blues, Tin Pan Alley style songs - anything that would get the audience dancing. This new record has all that plus musical developments that happened later like the Grateful Dead space jam and rock and roll grooves."

- Randy Sabien

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